Support & Consultation

In addition to the Wellfleet Training,
the Turnkey Operations Manual,
the periodic Newsletter,
the "Ingredients" Catalog,
and the Marketing Plan Outline...

please know that assistance is always as close as your telephone.


you will receive Bulletins from time to time having to do with New Product Releases, new equipment on the market which could help you conduct your business more efficiently, and other significant information.


Advertising and Sales Promotional Material is made available to you, and is ready to use by simply adding your own local address.

In addition, we're on the Internet at and special training clips can be made to order, as needed.



Advertising & Public Relations

Advertising is absolutely essential to the growth of a business.

Sales follow awareness.

Tell your community that your Box Lunch exists - Tell them that you have something unique to offer - Distribute and publish your menu it will expand your customer base.

Advertising takes many forms.

We have a complete Permanent Signage Program for interior and exterior installation, as well as promotional posters.

We have several campaigns "in the bank" which have been tested in magazines, newspapers, television, radio, direct mail, and proven effective in creating new customers.

We have a "Grand Opening Package" which has launched successful new Box Lunch openings.

We have several promotions that have worked very well for Box Lunch in generating repeat visitation and multiple unit sales.

In addition to the advertising and public relations support from Headquarters, our advertising agency is available to assist you in developing a program for your own Box Lunch business. Materials arrive ready to use.