The Marketing Plan

You will receive the basic outline of what should be included as components of a Marketing Plan, which you can customize to your specific situation.


Box Lunch and/or its marketing agency are available to make the process of creating this vital document as easy as possible. It will be an effective tool to help you grow in your Market area.


Background In Your Market
Competitive Review
Setting Goals
Creating a Strategy
Crafting the Implementation
Problems & Opportunities
Creative Advertising
Media Selection
Sales Promotion
Menu Development
Public Relations



Exclusive Protected Territories & Trademarks

The Box Lunch® , Rollwich® and Kidwich® trademarks are Federally registered, and we are committed to vigorously defending their exclusive use by authorized franchisees in good standing.

The 'Circle R' symbol, ®, is always displayed in proximity to our protected brand names to alert competition that they are proprietary.

We have used legal means to protect our brand names. From time to time, some have attempted to capitalize upon the consumer recognition that we have spent years building. We have taken the action necessary to prevent this.

Since our first day, it has been conservatively estimated that the Box Lunch name has been seen by more than fifty million people, both from actually visiting Cape Cod and seeing our many signs, and from our extensive advertising using television, radio, newspapers, direct mail, specialty premiums, and public relations.

In addition to the use of pre-established trademarks, Box Lunch franchisees are also protected from competition in their marketing areas.

These areas are determined on a, geographic basis and are the subject of agreement between you and Box Lunch before you sign anything.

Master Franchises -- Territorial and Multi-Unit -- may be an option.