The Menu & Product Development

The Menu, featuring the Rollwich®, is the heart of the business.

Others have tried to copy this concept, but have not come close to the original.

There are more than 125 different Rollwich® recipes; these are made available to you in the Construction Manual.

The Menu actively promotes approximately half of these on an ongoing basis.

The others exist for promotional purposes, such as daily and seasonal specials, party platters, and for regional taste preferences.

New products are continually being created and added to the Construction Manual.

In addition to the extensive Rollwich® selections, experience has taught us which additional food products are popular and represent a related sale to increase your total volume.

Menu Presentation exists in three basic formats:

In Store Panels
Four Color Folder
Two-Sided Flyer/ Insert

Various exhibits are available for your examination.




Investment Requirements
Franchise Application

Because the investment needed to launch a new Box Lunch -will vary depending on location, size, and other factors, we will provide you with an anticipated schedule of costs for your specific situation.

Please understand that this will be an estimate based on our experience to assist you in determining the range of costs that may be encountered.

It may be possible, in some cases, to provide partial financing.

The Franchise Application and Evaluation Form will be submitted to you separately.

It is essential that you complete this form in its entirety.