Turn-Key Operations Manual

It took us twenty years to refine and perfect this critical document. And it is still evolving. It is a detailed instruction and reference tool that will assist you, guiding you through daily operations and procedures.

The Manual contains the following sections:

1. Summary Review of the Training and Methods of Instruction for training employees.

2. Business Planning that focuses on setting realistic goals and maintaining control of your finances through forecasting and budgeting.

3. Management of Purchasing, Production, and Personnel; dealing with suppliers, operational control, pricing, and how to "obtain, train, and retain" efficient employees.

4. Marketing, Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations. Basic instruction on selecting and placing media campaigns, developing your message on a local basis, receiving help from the home office, including ad slicks already prepared for your use.




Purchasing& Inventory Management

You will undergo actual purchasing experiences during your training, and you will learn how to work with Purchase Orders, Invoice Reconciliation, Record Keeping, and Inventory Control.

You will benefit from the collective buying power of Box Lunch, and you will learn how to deal successfully with local vendors and suppliers.

Examples of some of the forms that facilitate the efficient operation of a Box Lunch will be provided to you during training.

Among the most important of these forms are the daily "Prep Sheets" which we have created to maximize and minimize waste.

As a Franchisee, you will receive a customized version of this form which will be developed especially for your unit.