Site Location Criteria & Selection

You may have heard the first three rules of retail business success:

1. Location.
2. Location.
3. Location.
While that's correct, it is also. incomplete. There are dozens of other site selection aspects that have to be investigated and evaluated.

In addition to the support you will receive from Box Lunch Headquarters, We have developed a comprehensive form, and a procedure which will be invaluable in helping you select the proper location for your own Box Lunch business.

This procedure includes suitability requirements, which begin with the market area itself, and includes several other important considerations, such as: strip malls vs existing store-front vs new construction vs free-standing locations, parking, common area maintenance, delivery access, traffic patterns and counts and 'drive-through' possibilities, your business neighbors (including competition), utility inspection and costs, seating and expansion potential, handicapped access, lighting, the labor pool and transportation.

We've done it all before, and we'll help you get it as right as possible.



The Box Lunch Training Program

We like to think that Box Lunch training is different from other franchises in several important respects. The most important of which is the personalized approach: our training proceeds at a comfortable pace, conducted and supervised by the founders of Box Lunch, It is flexible in order to accommodate your personal commitments.

Our Training Program is mandatory for all new Franchisees and Managers. The cost of training two-people is included in the franchise fee. The training usually takes place at Headquarters, in Wellfleet, on Cape Cod. The in-depth training takes place on two levels:

First, the Owner and Manager are trained in all aspects of the business

'hands-on' experience in preparing the scores of menu items, operating equipment (from the slicer to the cash register), dealing with customers, record keeping, procurement and inventory management, cost control, and several other topics.

Second, the Owner and Manager are taught how to train their employees'.

The entire process customarily takes twenty-four working days.

In addition to this personal training, an Operations Manual is provided for future reference, as well as an "Ingredients" Catalog for more thin 100 Rollwiches.