The Box Lunch History

It begins like many American Success Stories, an idea looking for expression…

In June of 1977, Owen MacNutt decided to augment his salary as a teacher by opening a sandwich shop during the summer seasons in the historic fishing village of Wellfleet, on Cape Cod.

His creative approach and willingness to accommodate customer preferences made the first Box Lunch an immediate success and he gave up teaching for this new career as an entrepreneur.

Owen decided to re-invent the sandwich shop business and developed dozens of new food combinations that would be both an appetizing and refreshing alternative to many sub and pizza shops and to the fast fried junk food places found everywhere.

Nutritious, real, tasty food… and lots of it. Nothing fried. “We don’t cook!” Realistic Prices! The Rollwich®, in a twelve inch pita, is great for picnics, the beach, biking, hiking and camping out. It awakened Owen’s creativity.

It caught on - it grew. Someone asked to duplicate it. Franchising began.

Since that time, Owen has carefully and methodically added new franchisees to the fold, trying to make sure that each new relationship would be appropriate and that each new Box Lunch would be faithful to the original concept. The objective has never been to sell a thousands franchises, but to do a few, well.

“My original goal was to do one Box Lunch and do it right.”




The Box Lunch Support Program

The following pages provide a brief overview of the many components which contribute to the relationship between us and our franchisees.

Many of the topics are similar to those you will encounter with most franchise situations. Others, such as our Trademarks (Rollwich®, Kidwich® and Box Lunch®) and our Rollwich Menu, are exclusive to us, and are protected. We ask you to focus on the differences between Box Lunch and other Franchises. The first of these is attitude. The Next is accessibility.

And then there is value!

Box Lunch is neither the most expensive, nor the least expensive franchise you will investigate.

But we believe that our Start-up costs and Royalties represent an excellent value.