Taking The Next Step

You've already taken the single most important step.

Something made you contact us for the information you are holding.

We urge you to consider it carefully, and we are eager to hear from you.

Please call with any questions whatsoever. There is no obligation on your part. We can arrange to meet, in Wellfleet at the original Box Lunch.

At this get-together we will give you a copy of the Franchise Agreement,- and the Disclosure Document, for you to take home and study.

We will also provide you with our financial information packet, in exchange for yours. We recommend that you look everything over and consult your advisors, such as your accountant, your lawyer, banker, etc.

When you decide to proceed, we will discuss potential sites and territories.

When this is determined, your initial franchise fee deposit and your signed agreement will initiate the training.

We become are a team, working for your success.



Raise Your Hand If You Have A Question

Q: How much money do I actually need to do this?

A. Overall, somewhere between $70k and $150 should be sufficient for the average Box Lunch. However, this is not to say that you have to have that amount in cash. Many people buying a franchise augment their cash on hand with a loan from a bank, or the SBA, or family and friends. Sometimes the equipment can be leased instead of being purchased. And keep in mind that signing a lease represents a commitment over time, and that not all of the money is due to the landlord on day one. Customarily, you will be asked for the first and last month's payment and one month's security deposit; further payments are then made monthly. Building out is an expression that means getting the place ready for customers, by painting, adding fixtures, flooring, etc. This is a major expense... unless you are halfway handy and can invest sweat equity.

Q. How long is the Franchise Agreement between us?

A. Five years, renewable for additional five-year periods.

Q. Do you help us choose a site and get it ready?

A. Absolutely, we're there all the way. Not merely with advice, but with on-site visitations with you to examine The proposed locations, and employ our rigorous site evaluation process. The final decision as to the location is yours, subject to our approval. Then, we supply exact floor plans and actual equipment layout templates. We also provide plumbing and wiring specifications, Subject to local codes and ordinances. Stamped architect drawings are sometimes needed.